Woman Finds Mom’s Birth Certificate, Realizes Why She Always Wore Makeup To Bed



A Very Different Childhood

Gail grew up as an only child. While she had a few close friends in school, she always longed to learn more about her biological family. Whenever she asked her mother, Alvera would evade the question or claim that their relatives lived too far away to visit.

When Gail inquired about her absent grandparents, her mother would explain that they were elderly and unable to travel. Alvera would lie to Gail, assuring her that they called and sent their love. However, as Gail would soon discover, these were all falsehoods.

Finding Home

Alvera aimed to be as honest as possible with Gail without divulging too many details. She decided to share her challenging upbringing with her daughter. The truth was that Alvera’s grandparents had placed her in foster care, a revelation that had caused her immense pain and hindered any attempts to reconnect with her biological parents as an adult.

This story always saddened Alvera. Although she acknowledged her own fortunate upbringing compared to her mother’s, the weight of knowing her mother’s past still burdened her soul.



I can’t believe it

Gail trusted her mother so she believed her and gave her credit. He thought maybe he should put the past behind him and focus on a brighter future.


This feeling didn’t last long though. As the days passed, Alvera’s behavior became more suspicious, reigniting the intrigue in Gail’s mind. He had too many unanswered questions and an intense desire to find out the truth.



Pie Face in Bed

Gail recalled her mother’s famous words: “You never know what can happen in the middle of the night, so you should always look your best.” Despite being naturally beautiful, Alvera still wears everyone Evening before bed put makeup on.


Alvera had drawn her conclusions, as had her mother’s eyebrows. Gail couldn’t help but wonder if her mother was really that vain. However, her mother’s tantrums amused her and she concluded that the advice wasn’t so bad after all.



Mother’s Excuse

Gail asked her mother to try sleeping with her face clean for once. Her mother was surprised by the suggestion and stated that she did. As she got older, she became more concerned about her looks and didn’t want to rush her makeup in an emergency. Gail wasn’t convinced and hoped that her mother would finally reveal the truth. However, that didn’t stop Gail from conducting her own investigation.



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