A woman removes paint varnish and discovers her husband’s 50-year-old secret

Their Dear Daddy:

After hearing the bad news, Charlotte immediately called their two sons, and they came to the hospital as soon as they could to say goodbye to their dear father whom they loved so much. At that time, they too had absolutely no knowledge of the secret their father was hiding.

All they wanted was to be able to enjoy the last moments their daddy had left to live. They were devastated not knowing what he was suffering from but were able to make it to their father’s bedside in time.




A Wonderful Life:

After their boys said goodbye to their father, Charlotte was left alone with him until the end. Despite this bad news, the two had great conversations about their wonderful lives. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have one last conversation with the people they love before they leave us.

The boys took advantage of every minute they could get to remember the good life they shared as a family. They talked about the memories they had together over the years, and then John started talking about the wedding gift he gave his wife 50 years ago.



The Most Special:

Over the years, Charlotte had often received beautiful and original gifts from her husband. Gifts were never expected, but always very special. He didn’t necessarily remember special occasions, birthdays, etc., but he chose his moments well.

However, there was one special gift that stood out, which she appreciated even more than the rest. Charlotte still had no idea that she was about to discover something extraordinary. All the gifts John had given her were very special, but she had no idea that this gift was hiding something else.


Passion for Painting:

John had always been a creative person, and his great passion was painting. He was very talented, and after making many paintings and sketches, he decided to make a beautiful painting for his wife. It was his wedding present for his lovely Charlotte,but no one ever thought the painting would be as special as what they discovered. John had hidden a huge secret in this painting and he kept this secret until his last breath. The surprise was greatly appreciated by his wife.



John’s Last Words

John’s situation was rapidly deteriorating and unfortunately his last hour had come.In his last breath, he told his wife Charlotte that the photo was not normal and that he needed to take a closer look.


No idea

Charlotte didn’t quite understand, but she didn’t have time to ask for more details. At first she didn’t believe her husband’s words,thinking that he must have been delusional in the last moments of his life. However, his last words haunted her for the next few days until she decided to take action.



A hidden message

She had no idea what her husband meant and didn’t understand the meaning of his last words. He examined the painting closely, but found nothing out of the ordinary. However, her husband said that for a reason, so there must be something.

After several days of unsuccessful searching, he had an idea. Luckily Charlotte had an old friend who had been a restorer for over 40 years and specialized in old master paintings.If anyone could help him paint, it was him. The only problem was that he didn’t know if the man was still alive, but he would soon find out.


To hurry up

After some difficulties, Charlotte finally meets her old friend, who responds benevolently to her call and immediately sets to work on the picture. After much analysis, he came to the conclusion that he had found what John was hiding.

He carefully removes a layer of paint, taking care not to damage the canvas, and after several hours of work discovers something special behind the paint



Coded language

When Charlotte got a call from the caretaker, she wasted no time and immediately went to the workshop. She was eager to find out what she had discovered. He had told her on the phone that behind the top layer of the painting was a mysterious message,a small part of the immense secret that Charlotte would discover, John’s wonderful secret. The restorer was unable to decipher the message John had left on the board.


The local bank

When Charlotte arrived at the studio and saw the painting, she couldn’t believe her eyes.There was her husband’s handwriting and an encrypted address. Despite the best efforts of the restorer, the mystery of the painting could not be solved.

Next to the address was another code, meant for Charlotte. It would be a miracle if anyone other than Charlotte could guess the code, because the message was meant for her. She was the only one who could learn this secret.



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